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"""Treasury module data objects."""

from __future__ import annotations

__all__ = ["PolicyConstraints"]

import attr

from terra_sdk.core import Coin, Dec

[docs]@attr.s class PolicyConstraints: """Contains information about tax reward or reward weight policy constraints. """ rate_min: Dec = attr.ib() """""" rate_max: Dec = attr.ib() """""" cap: Coin = attr.ib() """""" change_max: Dec = attr.ib() """"""
[docs] def clamp(self, prev_rate: Dec, new_rate: Dec) -> Dec: """Simulates the effect of the policy contraint. Args: prev_rate (Dec): previous rate new_rate (Dec): new rate Returns: Dec: result of clamp (constrained change) """ prev_rate = Dec(prev_rate) new_rate = Dec(new_rate) if new_rate < self.rate_min: new_rate = self.rate_min elif new_rate > self.rate_max: new_rate = self.rate_max delta = new_rate - prev_rate if new_rate > prev_rate: if delta > self.change_max: new_rate = prev_rate + self.change_max else: if abs(delta) > self.change_max: new_rate = prev_rate - self.change_max return new_rate
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> PolicyConstraints: return cls( rate_min=Dec(data["rate_min"]), rate_max=Dec(data["rate_max"]), cap=Coin.from_data(data["cap"]), change_max=Dec(data["change_max"]), )