Usage with Pagination

You can query information with Pagination to get information partially.


class terra_sdk.client.lcd.params.APIParams[source]
class terra_sdk.client.lcd.params.PaginationOptions(key=None, offset=None, limit=None, count_total=None, reverse=None)[source]

This could be used when you need pagination options for APIs

  • key (str) – key is a value returned in PageResponse.next_key to begin querying the next page most efficiently. Only one of offset or key should be set.

  • offset (int) – offset is a numeric offset that can be used when key is unavailable. It is less efficient than using key. Only one of offset or key should be set.

  • limit (int) – limit is the total number of results to be returned in the result page. If left empty it will default to a value to be set by each app.

  • count_total (bool) – count_total is set to true to indicate that the result set should include a count of the total number of items available for pagination in UIs. count_total is only respected when offset is used. It is ignored when key is set.

  • reverse (bool) – reverse is set to true if results are to be returned in the descending order.

You can use PaginationOptions as APIParams for params of query functions.

from terra_sdk.client.lcd import LCDClient, PaginationOptions

terra = LCDClient(

result, pagination  =

while pagination["next_key"] is not None:
    pagOpt = PaginationOptions(key=pagination["next_key"])
    result, pagination =
    pagOpt.key = pagination["next_key"]