All code starting with a $ is meant to run on your terminal. All code starting with a >>> is meant to run in a python interpreter, like ipython.


Terra SDK can be installed (preferably in a virtualenv) using pip as follows:

$ pip install terra_sdk


If you run into problems during installation, you might have a broken environment. See the troubleshooting guide to setting up a clean environment.

Using Terra SDK

In order to interact with the Terra blockchain, you’ll need a connection to a Terra node. This can be done through setting up an LCDClient:

from terra_sdk.client.lcd import LCDClient

terra = LCDClient(chain_id="columbus-4", url="https://lcd.terra.dev")

Getting Blockchain Info

It’s time to start using Terra SDK! Once properly configured, the LCDClient instance will allow you to interact with the Terra blockchain. Try getting the latest block height:

>>> terra.tendermint.block_info()['block']['header']['height']

Terra SDK can help you read block data, sign and send transactions, deploy and interact with contracts, and a number of other features.