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from terra_sdk.core import Coin, Dec

from ._base import BaseAsyncAPI, sync_bind

__all__ = ["AsyncMarketAPI", "MarketAPI"]

class AsyncMarketAPI(BaseAsyncAPI):
    async def swap_rate(self, offer_coin: Coin, ask_denom: str) -> Coin:
        """Simulates a swap given an amount offered and a target denom.

            offer_coin (Coin): amount offered (swap from)
            ask_denom (str): target denom (swap to)

            Coin: simulated amount received
        params = {"offer_coin": str(offer_coin), "ask_denom": ask_denom}
        res = await self._c._get("/terra/market/v1beta1/swap", params)
        return Coin.from_data(res.get("return_coin"))

    async def terra_pool_delta(self) -> Dec:
        """Fetches the Terra pool delta.

            Dec: Terra pool delta
        res = await self._c._get("/terra/market/v1beta1/terra_pool_delta")
        return Dec(res.get("terra_pool_delta"))

    async def parameters(self) -> dict:
        """Fetches the Market module's parameters.

            dict: Market module parameters
        res = await self._c._get("/terra/market/v1beta1/params")
        params = res["params"]
        return {
            "base_pool": Dec(params.get("base_pool")),
            "pool_recovery_period": int(params.get("pool_recovery_period")),
            "min_stability_spread": Dec(params.get("min_stability_spread")),

[docs]class MarketAPI(AsyncMarketAPI):
[docs] @sync_bind(AsyncMarketAPI.swap_rate) def swap_rate(self, offer_coin: Coin, ask_denom: str) -> Coin: pass
swap_rate.__doc__ = AsyncMarketAPI.swap_rate.__doc__
[docs] @sync_bind(AsyncMarketAPI.terra_pool_delta) def terra_pool_delta(self) -> Dec: pass
terra_pool_delta.__doc__ = AsyncMarketAPI.terra_pool_delta.__doc__
[docs] @sync_bind(AsyncMarketAPI.parameters) def parameters(self) -> dict: pass
parameters.__doc__ = AsyncMarketAPI.parameters.__doc__