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"""Gov module message types."""

from __future__ import annotations

import attr
from import MsgDeposit as MsgDeposit_pb
from import MsgSubmitProposal as MsgSubmitProposal_pb
from import MsgVote as MsgVote_pb

from terra_sdk.core import AccAddress, Coins
from terra_sdk.core.msg import Msg

from .data import Content, VoteOption

__all__ = ["MsgSubmitProposal", "MsgDeposit", "MsgVote"]

[docs]@attr.s class MsgSubmitProposal(Msg): """Submit the attached proposal with an initial deposit. Args: content (Content): type of proposal initial_deposit (Coins): initial deposit for proposal made by proposer proposer: proposal submitter """ type_amino = "gov/MsgSubmitProposal" """""" type_url = "/" """""" action = "submit_proposal" """""" content: Content = attr.ib() initial_deposit: Coins = attr.ib(converter=Coins) proposer: AccAddress = attr.ib() def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": { "content": self.content.to_amino(), "initial_deposit": self.initial_deposit.to_amino(), "proposer": self.proposer, }, } @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgSubmitProposal: from terra_sdk.util.parse_content import parse_content content = parse_content(data["content"]) return cls( content=content, initial_deposit=Coins.from_data(data["initial_deposit"]), proposer=data["proposer"], ) def to_proto(self) -> MsgSubmitProposal_pb: return MsgSubmitProposal_pb( content=self.content.to_proto(), initial_deposit=self.initial_deposit.to_proto(), proposer=self.proposer, ) @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto: MsgSubmitProposal_pb) -> MsgSubmitProposal: return cls( content=Content.from_proto(proto["content"]), initial_deposit=Coins.from_proto(proto["initial_deposit"]), proposer=proto["proposer"], )
[docs]@attr.s class MsgDeposit(Msg): """Deposit funds for an active deposit-stage proposal. Args: proposal_id: proposal number to deposit for depositor: account making deposit amount (Coins): amount to deposit """ type_amino = "gov/MsgDeposit" """""" type_url = "/" """""" action = "deposit" """""" proposal_id: int = attr.ib(converter=int) depositor: AccAddress = attr.ib() amount: Coins = attr.ib(converter=Coins) def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": { "proposal_id": str(self.proposal_id), "depositor": self.depositor, "amount": self.amount.to_amino(), }, }
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type, "value": { "proposal_id": str(self.proposal_id), "depositor": self.depositor, "amount": self.amount.to_data(), }, }
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgDeposit: return cls( proposal_id=data["proposal_id"], depositor=data["depositor"], amount=Coins.from_data(data["amount"]), ) def to_proto(self) -> MsgDeposit_pb: return MsgDeposit_pb( proposal_id=self.proposal_id, depositor=self.depositor, amount=self.amount.to_proto(), ) @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto: MsgDeposit_pb) -> MsgDeposit: return cls( proposal_id=proto["proposal_id"], depositor=proto["depositor"], amount=Coins.from_proto(proto["amount"]), )
[docs]@attr.s class MsgVote(Msg): """Vote for an active voting-stage proposal. Args: proposal_id: proposal to vote for voter: account casting vote option: vote option (must be one of: :data:`MsgVote.ABSTAIN`, :data:`MsgVote.YES`, :data:`MsgVote.NO`, or :data:`MsgVote.NO_WITH_VETO`, """ type_amino = "gov/MsgVote" """""" type_url = "/" """""" action = "vote" """""" EMPTY = "Empty" """Encodes an empty vote option.""" YES = "Yes" """""" ABSTAIN = "Abstain" """""" NO = "No" """""" NO_WITH_VETO = "NoWithVeto" """""" proposal_id: int = attr.ib(converter=int) voter: AccAddress = attr.ib() option: VoteOption = attr.ib() """ @option.validator def _check_option(self, attribute, value): possible_options = [ self.EMPTY, self.YES, self.ABSTAIN, self.NO, self.NO_WITH_VETO, ] if value not in possible_options: raise TypeError( f"incorrect value for option: {value}, must be one of: {possible_options}" ) """ def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": { "proposal_id": str(self.proposal_id), "voter": self.voter, "option":, }, }
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type, "value": { "proposal_id": str(self.proposal_id), "voter": self.voter, "option": self.option, }, }
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgVote: return cls( proposal_id=data["proposal_id"], voter=data["voter"], option=data["option"], ) def to_proto(self) -> MsgVote_pb: return MsgVote_pb( proposal_id=self.proposal_id, voter=self.voter, options=self.option ) @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto: MsgVote_pb) -> MsgVote: return cls( proposal_id=proto["proposal_id"], voter=proto["voter"], option=proto["option"], )