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"""Oracle module messages."""

from __future__ import annotations

import copy
import hashlib

import attr
from import (
    MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote as MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote_pb,
from import (
    MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote as MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote_pb,
from import (
    MsgDelegateFeedConsent as MsgDelegateFeedConsent_pb,

from terra_sdk.core import AccAddress, Coins, Dec, ValAddress
from terra_sdk.core.msg import Msg
from terra_sdk.util.json import dict_to_data

__all__ = [

[docs]def vote_hash(denom: str, exchange_rate: Dec, salt: str, validator: str) -> str: """Calculates vote hash for submitting :class:`MsgExchangeRatePrevote`. Args: denom (str): denom to vote for exchange_rate (Dec): exchange rate of LUNA salt (str): salt validator (str): validator operator address Returns: str: vote hash """ payload = f"{denom}:{exchange_rate!s}:{salt}:{validator}" sha_hash = hashlib.sha256(payload.encode()) return sha_hash.hexdigest()[:40]
[docs]def aggregate_vote_hash(salt: str, exchange_rates: Coins.Input, validator: str) -> str: """Calculates aggregate vote hash for submitting :class:`MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote`. Args: salt (str): salt exchange_rates (Coins.Input): exchange rates in various denominations validator (str): validator operator address Returns: str: aggregate vote hash """ payload = f"{salt}:{str(Coins(exchange_rates))}:{validator}" sha_hash = hashlib.sha256(payload.encode()) return sha_hash.hexdigest()[:40]
[docs]@attr.s class MsgDelegateFeedConsent(Msg): """Re-assign oracle feeder account for a validator. Args: operator: validator to change feeder for delegate: new feeder address """ type_amino = "oracle/MsgDelegateFeedConsent" """""" type_url = "/" """""" action = "delegatefeeder" """""" operator: ValAddress = attr.ib() delegate: AccAddress = attr.ib() def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": {"operator": self.operator, "delegate": self.delegate}, } @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgDelegateFeedConsent: return cls(operator=data["operator"], delegate=data["delegate"]) def to_proto(self) -> MsgDelegateFeedConsent_pb: return MsgDelegateFeedConsent_pb(operator=self.operator, delegate=self.delegate) @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto: MsgDelegateFeedConsent_pb) -> MsgDelegateFeedConsent: return cls(operator=proto.operator, delegate=proto.delegate)
[docs]@attr.s class MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote(Msg): """Submit an aggregate vote for the current vote period. Args: hash: aggregate vote hash feeder: account submitting the aggregate prevote validator: validator to which the aggregate prevote corresponds """ type_amino = "oracle/MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote" """""" type_url = "/" """""" hash: str = attr.ib() feeder: AccAddress = attr.ib() validator: ValAddress = attr.ib() def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": { "hash": self.hash, "feeder": self.feeder, "validator": self.validator, }, } @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote: return cls( hash=data["hash"], feeder=data["feeder"], validator=data["validator"], ) def to_proto(self) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote_pb: return MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote_pb( hash=self.hash, feeder=self.feeder, validator=self.validator ) @classmethod def from_proto( cls, proto: MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote_pb ) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote: return cls( hash=proto.hash, feeder=proto.feeder, validator=proto.validator, )
[docs]@attr.s class MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote(Msg): """Submit an aggregate prevote for the current vote. Args: exchange_rates (Coins.Input): exchange rates to use salt: aggregate vote salt feeder: feeder account submitting aggregate prevote validator: validator vote corresponds to """ type_amino = "oracle/MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote" """""" type_url = "/" """""" exchange_rates: Coins = attr.ib(converter=Coins) salt: str = attr.ib() feeder: AccAddress = attr.ib() validator: ValAddress = attr.ib() def to_amino(self) -> dict: return { "type": self.type_amino, "value": { "exchange_rates": str(self.exchange_rates.to_dec_coins()), "salt": self.salt, "feeder": self.feeder, "validator": self.validator, }, }
[docs] def to_data(self) -> dict: d = copy.deepcopy(self.__dict__) d["exchange_rates"] = str(self.exchange_rates.to_dec_coins()) return {"type": self.type, "value": dict_to_data(d)}
@classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote: return cls( exchange_rates=Coins.from_str(data["exchange_rates"]), salt=data["salt"], feeder=data["feeder"], validator=data["validator"], ) def to_proto(self) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote_pb: return MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote_pb( exchange_rates=str(self.exchange_rates), salt=self.salt, feeder=self.feeder, validator=self.validator, ) @classmethod def from_proto( cls, proto: MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote_pb ) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRateVote: return cls( exchange_rates=Coins.from_proto(proto.exchange_rates), salt=proto.salt, feeder=proto.feeder, validator=proto.validator, )
[docs] def get_aggregate_vote_hash(self) -> str: """Vote hash required for message's associated prevote. Returns: str: aggregate vote hash """ return aggregate_vote_hash(self.salt, self.exchange_rates, self.validator)
[docs] def get_aggregate_prevote(self) -> MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote: """Generates the associated :class:`MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote` object with the correct prepopulated fields. Returns: MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote: associated aggregate prevote """ return MsgAggregateExchangeRatePrevote( hash=self.get_aggregate_vote_hash(), feeder=self.feeder, validator=self.validator, )