Source code for terra_sdk.core.slashing.msgs

"""Slashing module messages types."""

from __future__ import annotations

import attr
from terra_proto.cosmos.slashing.v1beta1 import MsgUnjail as MsgUnjail_pb

from terra_sdk.core import ValAddress
from terra_sdk.core.msg import Msg

__all__ = ["MsgUnjail"]

[docs]@attr.s class MsgUnjail(Msg): """Attempt to unjail a jailed validator (must be submitted by same validator). Args: address: validator address to unjail""" type_amino = "slashing/MsgUnjail" """""" type_url = "/cosmos.slashing.v1beta1.MsgUnjail" """""" action = "unjail" """""" address: ValAddress = attr.ib() def to_amino(self) -> dict: return {"type": self.type_amino, "value": {"address": self.address}} @classmethod def from_data(cls, data: dict) -> MsgUnjail: return cls(address=data["address"]) def to_proto(self) -> MsgUnjail_pb: return MsgUnjail_pb(validator_addr=self.address) @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto: MsgUnjail_pb) -> MsgUnjail: return cls(address=proto.address)