Source code for terra_sdk.key.mnemonic

from __future__ import annotations

from bip32utils import BIP32_HARDEN, BIP32Key
from mnemonic import Mnemonic

from .raw import RawKey

__all__ = ["MnemonicKey", "LUNA_COIN_TYPE"]


[docs]class MnemonicKey(RawKey): """A MnemonicKey derives a private key using a BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase, and provides key-derivation options based on the BIP44 HD path standard. .. note:: You can change ``coin_type`` to 118 to derive the key for a legacy Terra wallet (shares ``coin_type`` with ATOM). Args: mnemonic (str, optional): space-separated mnemonic seed phrase. If not provided, a 24-word mnemonic will be generated. account (int, optional): HD path parameter - account number. index (int, optional): HD path parameter - account index. coin_type (int, optional): HD path parameter - coin type. """ mnemonic: str """Mnemonic key phrase associated with the account (space-separated).""" account: int """HD path parameter: account number.""" index: int """HD path parameter: account index.""" coin_type: int """HD path parameter: coin type""" @property def hd_path(self) -> str: """Returns the BIP32 HD path for key-derivation: ``m/44'/COIN_TYPE'/ACCOUNT'/0/INDEX'`` Returns: str: full BIP32 HD path """ return f"m/44'/{self.coin_type}'/{self.account}'/0/{self.index}" def __init__( self, mnemonic: str = None, account: int = 0, index: int = 0, coin_type: int = LUNA_COIN_TYPE, ): if mnemonic is None: mnemonic = Mnemonic("english").generate(256) seed = Mnemonic("english").to_seed(mnemonic) root = BIP32Key.fromEntropy(seed) # derive from hdpath child = ( root.ChildKey(44 + BIP32_HARDEN) .ChildKey(coin_type + BIP32_HARDEN) .ChildKey(account + BIP32_HARDEN) .ChildKey(0) .ChildKey(index) ) super().__init__(child.PrivateKey()) self.mnemonic = mnemonic self.account = account self.index = index